Collar City Ramble Features Car-Free Fun and Adventure, Sixth Annual

PARK(ing) Day | Pop Up Public Parks installation 09/20 through 10/05
Collar City RAMBLE Main Event | 09/28 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

TROY, NY (09/12/18) — An annual alternative transportation festival, the Collar City Ramble, returns to Troy for its fifth year with an expanded selection of tours and events. This years programming includes and expanded participation in ‘PARK(ing) Day’ with up to 15 downtown locations. SHORT TERM Pop Up public parks will be on the Official PARK(ing) DAY 09/20 with some extended through the Saturday 09/28 for the Farmers Market. A selection of LONG TERM installations will be up from 09/20 through Saturday 10/05.

“National PARK(ing) Day and the Collar City Ramble are tremendous examples of how Troy is embracing its creative and innovative spirit to further promote the city as a place to live, work, play, visit and shop. Troy’s historic architecture and unique position on the Hudson River provides visitors and residents an opportunity to explore our city from Lansingburgh to South Troy and all our neighborhoods in between,” said Monica Kurzejeski, Deputy Mayor of Troy New York. “The city is thrilled to collaborate with our community partners to make this vision a reality. We look forward to developing future neighborhood focused initiatives that support the continued growth our Small American City.”

Organizers of the Collar City Ramble festival encourage people of all ages to explore Troy’s urban trails by foot, bicycle, wheelchair, kayak, or any number of other means of getting around in this celebration of people moving under their own power.

The event is filled with walking and biking group tours, self-guided tours, kayak rides and new for the second year, a representation in the international PARK(ing) Day event. Even life-long residents of Troy may discover places they’ve never seen in their own city. Events are free unless otherwise indicated.

“Most people think of trails being in a park or forest, in nature, and we have those trails in cities as well, but an urban trail is a route that takes you from where you live to where you work or play or shop,” said Karl Beard, upstate project director for the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program in New York state. “An urban trail is just like a trail in the woods — it’s marked and shows you where to go — but it may start closer to home than a trail that you have to drive to. These trails can be transportation routes or recreation routes. They can also be storytelling trails that may highlight things of particular interest — stories of our neighborhoods, our waterfront.”

The RTCA program works to provide National Parks Service resources and expertise to communities throughout America. Transport Troy, organizers of the Collar City Ramble, requested assistance from RTCA to help them articulate a vision for a citywide system of interlock trails and complete streets.

“We are especially interested in bringing the health, environment and economic benefits of trails to places where most people live,” Beard said. “People shouldn’t have to drive to a state park or national park to derive these kinds of benefits. They should have access to them in their own neighborhoods.”


As in previous years, a variety of non car related transportation events will be featured including scheduled opportunities for biking, walking, hiking and kyacking.

The main hub and information booth for the Collar City Ramble will be at the Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market off Monument Square.

A full schedule of activities will be updated as available.


The Collar City Ramble is an initiative by Transport Troy, a citizens group dedicated to improving pedestrian and bicycle lanes throughout the city of Troy. This year’s partners include:

TAP Inc., Transport Troy, The City of Troy, Capital Roots, CDTA, The National Parks Service, Capital Coexist, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway, and The Independent Living Center with project management oversight by 2440 Design Studio.

The Collar City Ramble is one of the events of the Hudson River Valley Ramble and can be found in their listings. CDTA will be providing shuttle service from the Farmers’ Market to the outlying sites.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CollarCityRamble
Website: http://www.collarcityramble.com