Thanks For Your Generosity

The 2015 PreRamble is gathering steam, shaping up to be a wonderful festival.  We have broadened and deepened in interesting ways, thanks to our wonderful and dedicated team of volunteers.  We are also blessed to have a wide array of sponsors, folks who have given us products and money to do the work we love to do.  I’d like to take some time to thank them, and I apologize in advance—  with a list this long, I”m bound to leave someone out.


St. Peter’s Health Partners got us started, with a nice donation three years ago, and a followup each year.   They have been our prime sponsor from the community.  The City of Troy and their LDC has been more supportive than we could have hoped, helping us with services time and again, and financial aid as well.  CDTA is a great partner–  we both work with transportation, us from the small and personal end and them from the mass transit responsibility for the whole Capital District.  The Troy Cultural Alliance is a great partner, with all their cultural groups and venues providing programming, support and inspiration.  And, of course, all the Transport Troy people.


This year, Community Sponsors are Capital Roots, Pfeil’s Hardware, Stewart’s Shops, the Chazan Companies, ALTA Planning + Design and our own Joe Durkin.   No Name Graphics are our go-to guys for signage, and Carmen’s Café has fed us and slaked our thirst while hosting countless meetings.

Ilium Café, Spillin’ The Beans, an anonymous donor helped us with money, and The Lucas Confectionery and Weathered Wood are contributing time and energy on the Pocket Parks.



Thanks, folks!  You have given us the tools we need to do the work we love to do!


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