Solar Roadways – Introduction

Solar Downtown Sandpoint, AZ

Artist’s Rendering of Solar Main Street— And it’s reprogrammable!

What if you could reprogam the graphics on a city street from your laptop?  Change the traffic markings for a festival, make it disco for a street party, two hours later  make it one way out of town, and a half hour later back to normal?

What if you could melt the snow—  for free—  and never need to plow?

What if you didn’t need storm sewers, if drainage water was collected inside the street itself?

If you had nighttime warnings of obstacles in the road?

If you could collect the solar energy and sell it to the grid to pay back the installation costs?

What if… what if… what if…   Can we do it or not?  This would be a pretty dull post if we couldn’t.  Read on:

Solar Roadways – Introduction

A Colorado couple has been working on these ideas through a National Highway Administration grant for the last eight years, and they are crowdsourcing funding for a startup.  Quick, sign in to their Indiegogo page to help them out.

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