The Report Is In!

We’ve been busy this spring!

In the past six weeks, Transport Troy has:

  • Held community meetings to present our work and request citizen input
  • Incorporated that input into our report and ordinance
  • Drafted a transportation ordinance for the City of Troy that recognizes and supports Complete Streets
  • Hired Alta Planning, a national transportation consultancy from Saratoga, to lead a workshop on Complete Streets for affected departments of Troy
  • Presented the draft ordinance to Troy’s City Council
  • Presented our report on Alternate Transportation to the City Council


Wait, is that only six bullet points?  It was hundreds and hundreds of hours of work by over a dozen people; researching, writing, editing, re-editing, and presenting numerous times.  The ordinance is now before the City Council, awaiting their vote.


We have posted our report here for download.  It’s a PDF, about 12 MB, and it contains the draft Transportation Ordinance for the City of Troy, NY.  Jeff Olson of Alta Planning described it as a model Complete Streets ordinance, and is using it in his presentations to other communities.  The report contains a lot of interesting information, statistics, ideas, and analysis of Troy’s status as a walkable community.


Complete Streets, in case the term is new to you, is a philosophy of designing streets so they are accessible to all users.  It starts with the idea that at some point, everyone walks, even if it’s only from their car to the market.  If streets are safe for walkers and the disabled, they are safer for everybody.  Let’s make our streets more accessible to everyone, so everyone will benefit.


Many of these improvements cost very little.  For instance, NY State just renovated the Congress Street corridor.  If we had this ordinance in place, it would have mandated that their maintenance include bicycle and pedestrian upgrades, at no cost to us.


How can you help?  Call or email your City Councilperson.  After you’ve looked over our report, talk to them about how you see the ordinance benefiting you, your friends and neighbors, and the City of Troy.  Ask them to vote for it so we can move forward to a safer, healthier and more enjoyable community.


Transport Troy Alt Transportation Report 2014

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