Capital Region Path— A Vision Plan

From Warren County south to Columbia & Greene Counties, a vision statement for regional trails.  It’s like the Ramble vision, only much bigger.  We love it!!!

Henry Burden's office, current home to the Hudson Mohawk Gateway

Henry Burden’s office, current home to the Hudson Mohawk Gateway

Here’s the vision statement, read the whole thing—  it’s a beautiful document!

Vision Statement

From its mighty waterways and working landscapes to its distinctive neighborhoods and villages, the Capital Region has been at the forefront of New York State history and preserves an impressive array of scenic, historic, and cultural attractions that offer visitors a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy the area’s rich heritage. The CPATH looks forward to: preserving and promoting these assets; providing dynamic, entertaining, and educational experiences that connect the past to the present and the future; strengthening connections among the attractions to expand promotional and storytelling opportunities; and engaging a diverse range of partners to build and sustain tourism and local economies as well as improve the quality of community life.

This plan will set the course for developing a comprehensive integrated approach for recognizing, enhancing, and promoting the region’s network of heritage and cultural places for the benefit of New Yorkers and visitors. By creating engaging experiences and making connections among the various historic and cultural sites across the region, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Capital region’s important role in New York State history. Visitors will spread the word about the area’s special quality, character, and hospitality, and help to create a sustainable regional heritage tourism industry. In partnership with the CREDC Arts and Culture Work Group, the CPATH will leverage the diversity of the region’s assets and capitalize on the area’s strengths in history, arts, and culture. The wide range of heritage and cultural attractions, institutions, and partners will form the core of a vibrant and expanding tourism industry network that will showcase heritage and cultural treasures across the eight counties .


media file:Capital_Region_Path_vision_plan_5-6-13

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