Transport Troy Presents: Getting Around Troy- Transportation Choices in the Collar City

You are invited to
The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley
15-17 3rd Street, Troy NY
October 22, 2013, 6:30 pm

Don't you think this looks like a most inviting walk for a moonlit evening?

Don’t you think this looks like a most inviting walk for a moonlit evening?

The Citizen’s Working Group on Alternative Transportation (AKA Transport Troy), appointed by Mayor Lou Rosamilia, will present an update on work being done in Troy to promote a safer and more accessible transportation network for all users. Transport Troy’s continually expanding team of citizens and professionals is exploring opportunities for improvements to the city infrastructure and code, for implementing such improvements and for sustaining them in the long term.

The team consists of concerned citizens, representatives of the city and professionals from some of Troy’s organizations and businesses including The Troy Bike Rescue, The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Capital District Community Gardens, RPI, TAP, Alta Planning and Icarus Furniture (Springwood Studios).

The team will present on a number of transportation issues and opportunities including the long proposed Waterfront Trail, a newly proposed cultural trail called the Collar City Ramble, various bicycling infrastructure possibilities, the benefits of complying with American’s with Disabilities Act, of adopting a Complete Streets Ordinance and Bike/Ped Masterplans, and the use of Troy’s upcoming Comprehensive Planning effort to codify The City’s intentions to pursue alternative transportation.

We welcome your input.  This is a great time to hear about the possibilities and an even better time to participate.  Sign up for our email list and our workshop meetings and help make our best ideas a reality!

Agenda: (start time 6:30pm sharp)

1.    Transport Troy         (Welcome remarks) (5 minutes)

2.    Walking Safety and Accessibility (10 minutes)

3.    Better Bicycling Bureau (10 minutes)

4.    Collar City Ramble (10 minutes)

5.    Complete Streets Ordinance (10 minutes)

6.    Comprehensive Planning (5 minutes)

7.    Comments (30 minutes)

Refreshments will be provided

Please pass this message along!

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