Volunteers Needed for the Pre(R)amble

Lots of work preparing for the wonderful times to be had by all!

Turn of the century strollers in Troy's Prospect Park admire the gardens, bandstand and paths

Strollers at Prospect Park, Troy NY, in the early 1900’s

Seriously, folks, part of the joy of the Ramble is working together to make it all happen.  Meet new friends, get out of the house and show your skills!  We have these wonderful  opportunities available to stretch yourself and have a blast:

—Helmet Decoration and Bike Flag Making Workshop
Tuesday, September 24 at 6 pm
Oakwood Community Center on 10th & Hoosick Sts.
Good with a hot melt gun, needle and thread, scissors?
Help others make bike flags & prettify their bike helmets
email Sheila at  shefitz@gmail.com

—Prepare The Feast
Wednesday, September 25 from 10-6
Thursday, September 26 from 11-3
Friday, September 27, call
The Sanctuary for Independent Media
Like making big batches of fresh cooked food?
Have a way with a saucepan and spoon?
Call Ellie for details at 518-250-9024

—Work the Tour
Saturday, September 28 from 9-9
Life on the move the thing for you?
Help set up the tour & lead people to the promised events
Call Jim at 518-429-3909

—Work the Show
Saturday, September 28 from 9-9
Like helping good people have a great time?
Set up, manage, take down the show
We’ll be working all day, pick your times!
Call Branda at 518-441-0229

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