Spread The Word!

Tell Your Friends!

Tell Your Enemies!

Tell People You Don’t Even Know!

Let’s have a great turnout for this magnificent event.  To help get the word out, download these files, print them and pass them out.  There’s a poster and a quarter-sheet handout (prints four copies to a letter size page).  The quarter-sheet has a front plus a back showing the schedule.

PreRamble Poster 1-4 Sheet PreRamble Back 1-4 Sheet PreRamble Front

Print ’em!            Save ’em!           Trade ’em!

Coming Soon to a Pre(R)amble Near You—

Dynamite event tee shirts, made of silky smooth, high quality 100% cotton!

—available to Volunteers, as select prizes for costume wearers and bike decorators, and to the general public for a small, entirely reasonable fee, a mere $10!


Tee Shirt design by the inimitable Andrew Lynn, star of stage, screen and bikepath

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