Free Decorate Your Bike Workshop!

Note:  We are happy to help you decorate your helmet, wheelchair, mobility scooter, skateboard or rollerblades as well.  Bring your vehicle, your creativity, and craft items to share!  Plenty will be on hand as well!

Brownie with a decorated bicycle

Bring Your Bike and Let’s Get Festive!

Pre(R)amble Bike Decoration Workshop

at the Oakwood Community Center

Tuesday, September 24 at 6 PM

Basement of White Church Community Building

at 10th Street and Hoosick

Bike with wheels made of running shoes

It’s Better Than Running In Circles!

Beat Feet to the Oakwood Community Center on October 24!

Kids, bring your parents!  Make beautiful wheelies!

flowered wheelchair transformed into a flying carpet

Flower up that wheelchair!  You too can ride Alladin’s Carpet!

Bike with big flower

Even Barbie Bikes Can Hold Flower Princesses

Bring your ideas and something pretty.  We will help you make flags and decorate your bike-chair-scooter!

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