Save The Date! Saturday, September 28th for the Pre(R)amble

People enjoying a Ramble on big wheel bicycles

Come Ramble With Us!
Walkers, Bikers, Wheelchairs, Skates— You name it, we love it!
(non-motorized, please, except mobility devices)

Saturday, September 28 we will gather at noon at the Troy Farmer’s Market for our first Ramble—  before the Ramble is really up and running, so this one is called the Pre(R)amble.

Costumes and decorated bikes-wheelchairs-skateboards are encouraged.  Prizes will be given.

We will travel by foot, bike, skates, wheelchair, whatever—  down to the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway in the Burden Iron Works Museum at the foot of Polk St.

Then up to TRIP’s Greenfair, in the parking lot just north of the Green Island Bridge

Finally, on to Freedom Square to join their StoryHarvest celebration—  great music, the Community Gardens Veggie Mobile with nutrition and gardening tips, did we say more free music, and stone soup and shared food.

Join us for the first annual, fun-fun-fun!


Noon:  Gather at the Farmer’s Market, Monument Square

Alternate: Visit TRIP’s Green Fair, Parking lot just north of the Green Island Bridge

12:30:  Leave for Burden Iron Works Museum, foot of Polk Street

On the way: visit the Monroe Street Fishing Pier

1:00  Arrive at the Burden Iron Works Museum-  Museum tours, restrooms, water & snacks

1:30-2:00:  Depart for Freedom Square, corner of Fifth and 101st Streets

On the way:  Alley Action murals and alley projects, Riverfront Park, The Uncle Sam Bikeway at 101st. St.

2:30-3:00:  Arrive at Freedom Square for the StoryHarvest in progress

Music, community potluck and food giveaway, prizes for costumes and decorations

5:00:  Event ends.  Community cleanup.

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