Where Does This Thing Go?

Ramble Schematic Map

By its nature, the Collar City Ramble is an incremental plan.  It starts with a spine, the main path running North-South through Troy.  We have parts now, we will be adding some soon.  We want to connect the Menands Bridge with the existing North Troy Bike Path with about two miles more of trail.

This trail will be a mix of marked bike lanes, dedicated bike lanes, and all-access paths that are separate from roadways.  We are starting small and easy—  this summer, we marked seven blocks in South Troy with sharrows (those stick-figure bicycle men, with directional arrowheads, that you see pasted to the streets).  Not the best solution, but they work for now and at least can take you off the Menands Bridge.

From there, we will add branches and spurs as we are able.  We will connect the Poestenkill Falls Nature Area, Prospect Park, Burden Pond, Frear Park, to name a few.  We want connections to all the schools, and the safer the better.  Some cities have reduced student bus ridership over 50% with programs like this.  Think of the cost savings and health benefits!

Got a suggestion for a route?  A natural feature or fun spot you want us to connect?  A particularly hazardous site that needs special attention?  Get in touch with the form below.

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