Kayaking The Hudson

Congratulations to Cohoes!  From the sound of it, they have developed a wonderful plan for a kayak trail around different legs of the Cohoes Falls.

—Kayak Plan—

I’m a bit sentimental about this, as I was taught how to Eskimo roll at one of the mouths to the Mohawk there.  The first time I did it was in just under three feet of water.  I sit taller than three feet.  Muddy hair, yes, but I didn’t fall out!


The same friend who taught me to roll used to talk about starting a kayak rental business at the mouth of the Poestenkill in Troy.  Rentals, classes, dockage—  at the time, there were discussions about moving Clemente Latham.  Still are, I guess, though it seems that everyone’s timeline is now very long.

He saw a hollow in the bank of the Hudson as the perfect spot, just north of the inlet of the Poestenkill.  He figured it would make an eddy that would clear itself of flotsam, creating a prefect spot for a dock.  All he needed was a small building with room for storage and an office, and a fenced in area for outdoorsy items.

As I’ve discussed plans for The Ramble, I’ve kept George’s idea in the back of my mind.  It seemed the perfect addition, a way to get people out on the water enjoying themselves.  Hardcore paddlers could watercommute, the way some South Trojans used to row across the river to their jobs in the Watervliet Arsenal.  Now there is talk of bringing kayaks to the Troy Dock and Marina.  Bring it on!  I can’t wait until we can all get on to the River!

Someone asked me if we are competing with other communities.  A thousand times no!  I see us as inspiring each other to make better ways to recreate.  We need to


hook up our projects, so there is an interconnected set of trails and transportation, and you can travel seamlessly from one to the next.  We won’t be at the happy place until you can bike up from Albany to an event in Troy, then over to Waterford to hook up with friends, and home again through Cohoes so you can stop off for ice cream at your favorite place.

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