Let’s Get Ready To Ramble!

Warren House

The Ramble is a trail that goes through Troy
It hooks up all the places you’d like to go— the Hudson River, parks, the Farmer’s Market, the river, nature preserves, the river, neighboring bike paths, and— oh yes, did I say the Hudson River?

The Ramble is our way of connecting to Troy
To nature, to people, events, places. It’s an alternate transportation route, so no motors, but walking, cycling, rollerblades, handstands, hopping, skipping and jumping are all great.

This is a great new idea!
Yes and no. Great— for sure! It’s the neatest thing since sliced bread because it’s a wonderful way to explore our city and have fun with your friends. But it’s not new, it’s been around for years. Fifteen years ago people were putting in the work to make it all happen, we are just picking up the slack now to make it a reality.

Where do I find this Ramble?
It’s mostly all around you. We have lots of trails already, and will soon announce The Great Troy Mapping to write them all down. Then we will connect the dots with dedicated trails, signs, bike lanes, and whatever else it takes.

How can I help?
So glad you asked! You can start by signing up for our Google Group. http://tinyurl.com/Ramble-Group Get your friends to sign up, too! Tell us how you’d like to help— trail ideas, mapping, website work, fundraising, spreading the word, whatever. We will use all the help we can get! We’ll let you know about events as they come up, and you can share your ideas about how we can make Troy the greatest city ever.

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